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Family owned and operated since 1972, St. Onge provides reliable septic tank pumping for both residential and commercial properties throughout New Hampshire. During a routine pumping we inspect your septic tank for any issues involving excess buildup, missing baffles, clogged filters, or broken pipes. Your satisfaction is our priority and we pride ourselves in the relationships we build with out customers. We take the time to be professional, clean, and informative.
Our technicians are available 24 hours a day to accommodate our customers in case of an emergency. Don't know where your septic tank is? We have an electronic transmitter that will locate it for us.
Our inspectors have over 30 years of knowledge to provide you with a complete and fair assessment of your system. We do a complete and professional evaluation and give you a thorough explanation.
Broken baffles, distribution box replacement, broken cover, pipes, sealing tanks, replacing pumps, repairing pump stations, power snaking lines and thawing frozen pipes during those dreaded NH winters.
We are licensed in the state of New Hampshire for septic design and installation. All applications and permits are submitted by our company according to all state and local guidelines. All work is fully guranteed.

Helpful Information

  • Maintain a regular septic cleaning schedule of at least every 2 to 3 years.
  • Do not allow vehicles on your leach field. The weight can cause pipes to break.
  • Conserve water. Too much water can overload your system and adversely affect its function.
  • Do not flush bulky waste, grease into your system. It can cause blockage in the lines and back up.
  • Do not discharge water softeners into the septic system.
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